Oceanside, CA

Personal Plumbing’s Service and Repair Podcast

Why Choose Personal Plumbing?

Knowing dependable commercial and residential plumbing contractors to reach out to in times of need can prove to be extremely beneficial. The occurrence of a leak or a clog can arise unexpectedly and lead to further complications for both you and your property. We are a team of skilled plumbers who cater to clients in San Diego County, CA and take pride in delivering exceptional work. At Personal Plumbing Inc, we offer effective solutions regardless of the complexity of the task at hand.

Personal Plumbing was established by Bob Muller, an Army Veteran and an experienced professional committed to delivering superior quality service to all clients. We guarantee the dispatch of a dependable and skilled plumber on time for every appointment and provide effective solutions every time. With a combined experience of over 25 years, our crew possesses the knowledge and expertise to handle every project, regardless of the difficulty.  As a fully licensed business, we prioritize the interests of our clients and conduct every task up to the highest industry standards.


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